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EEC Prepares to Open Sandbox to Boost Development of Aerospace, Satellites and Drone Technologies

19 March 2021

Today, there are attempts to establish clear strategies for the development of Drone and Aerospace industry (intended to be complete by April 2021) led by skilled personnel and tools available in the Space Krenovation Park (SKP / GISTDA). The initiative begins with joint venturing in the existing satellite stations operated by foreign private companies. However, its directions need to be structured and results need to be measurable, meaning the support should be provided to SKP/GISTDA to conduct more translational designs for commercial components/systems under the ratio of EEC Integrated budget: in kind/in cash donation from private sector: industrial investment equal to 1:5:100, and a sandbox opened to study the local benefit and infrastructure. This will ultimately promote, support and develop Thailand’s capability in aerospace and drone elements such as the use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) as a location-based service, the development of Flight Path Planning which has grown significantly in recent years, and Imaging Planning of Thaichote (THEOS) satellite.

These strategies will begin by highlighting two pilot industries, namely

(1). industries concerning the Low-Orbit Satellite, JV MU-Space and Tesla, and the production of large-scale satellite components, and

(2). Industries related to drone by focusing on three platforms: agriculture / survey / safety.

If these pilot projects become successful, the same endeavor will extend to other projects to strengthen the industry and expand the business. It will drive the development of aerospace technology and eventually contribute to the taking off of Thailand’s much anticipated Space Economy in the future.