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Better solutions for system integrators to design and build advanced laser processing systems

27 March 2023

Ultrafast lasers are becoming increasingly accessible to system integrators, and OEM tool builders. As the cost of picosecond and femtosecond lasers come down - adoption, techniques, and material processes continue to expand. New features, higher power, efficient second and third harmonic generation are pushing the bounds of next gen use cases. PI is meeting these advances on the laser side with equally innovative motion control solutions to make disruptive next gen processes.

Video: Motion Systmes for Laser Processing and Additive Manufacturing

High performance ultrashort laser sources are now available at a reasonable cost, opening up many opportunities for machine builders and system integrators to replace less performant traditional machining methods. Advantages of laser processing are higher throughput, precision, and the ability to process ever smaller features.

In addition, this level of connectivity allows them to choose the appropriate drivers, motion amplifiers, and controls for the motion system and the right interfacing for the laser, giving them simple, fast, accurate, and flexible control of their laser processing applications.


About PI

PI Southeast Asia is Your Key Partner for Motion and Positioning solutions. PI develops and produces Linear Stages, Miniature Stages, Linear Actuators, Rotation Stages, XY Stages, Z-axis Stages, Hexapods, Air Bearing Stages, Piezo Flexure Stages, Piezoceramics, Engineered Subsystems (Cartesian Robots / Gantry Robots / Multi-axis Stacked Stages) for Automation, Active Alignment Systems for Photonics, and Customized Products.

Our customers are leaders in the fields of Photonics, Electronics Manufacturing, Laser Materials Processing, Microscopy, Semiconductors, and Beamline Instrumentation.


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