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19 - 22 June 2024

“Trend of Industries in 2023”

30 March 2023

In Thailand, there are various industry types, and one of the current trendy industries is electronic industry. There’s no denying that people are surrounded by many electronic devices in everyday life, such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, smart homes, and EV cars that are received attention in today's world.

Regarding to information from Division of Sectoral Industrial Policy of The Office of Industrial Economics (OIE) states that in 2021 - 2023 is expected that the electronic industry will expand growth again. Due to the electronic devices are developed to support various technology in the future, including supporting automobile and electronic products that have increased like PWB, PCB, IC, HDD, and etc. 

Currently, the production of such electronic products is in shortage of raw materials for producing semiconductors which are a major part of IT infrastructure and it’s required constantly. Therefore, it’s insufficient for the demand in the world market, and affecting other electronic products production, including related industries.

The metal plating industry is also important for producing electronic products. Because this is the one of processes to make electronic parts work efficiently. However, it depends on appropriate chemicals selection for workpiece’s type, required condition, and plating process. There are various techniques for plating electronic parts such as

1. Electroplating

2. Electroless plating

3. Other surface finishing technologies 

Pata Chemicals and Machinery Co., Ltd. has many products for such processes to support plating electronic parts, and be willing to give advice to those interested. Come, visit, and meet us at Surface & Coatings 2023 (Booth: 0C19) on 21 - 24 June 2023 at BITEC, Bangna.