1 - 4 November 2021

Fastener Fair Thailand 2021

Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology.

Revision of Show Dates

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause uncertainty in Thailand and around the world. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and we remain guided by the expert advice of the public health and government authorities.

With that in mind we have decided to postpone Manufacturing Expo 2021 and its concurrent shows: InterMold Thailand 2021; Automotive Manufacturing 2021; Surface & Coatings 2021; Assembly & Automation Technology 2021; InterPlas Thailand 2021; NEPCON Thailand 2021; FacTech 2021; and GFT 2021 to 1st – 4th November 2021 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC), Bangkok.

We received valuable advice from many customers and key stakeholders and have made this proactive decision today in order to give all our customers time to plan and prepare for a business building event in November.

We look forward to welcoming you all in November, and in the meantime, please stay safe.

Reed Tradex Co., Ltd.
18 May 2021


Fasten your current market opportunities to cutting-edge technology upgrades for your next business success at the ‘Fasteners and Fixings’ show in Thailand. This year, Reed Tradex will organize a special event featuring a multi-faceted dimension of innovative machinery, state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services related to fasteners and fixings that can support a variety of manufacturing and supporting industries in Thailand and ASEAN!

Fixings and fasteners continue to receive a huge demand, and Thailand is recognized as the region’s largest exporter with an estimated demand to grow by 37% over the year 2015-2025. This is the high time to step up your level of success, don’t miss it! 

Reserve space today and start reaching out to potential clients through our powerful marketing channels.

A feature of Manufacturing Expo 2021

Fastener Fair Bangkok 2021 will be incorporating with “Manufacturing Expo 2021,” this exhibition grandeur will offer all-faceted dimensions of innovative machinery, state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services for all manufacturing sectors, making this event the real mid-year business platform where world’s famous brands and a wide variety of quality buyers from the ASEAN market will meet and make good deals here.

Industrial Fasteners and Fixings • Screws • Self-Tapping / Thread Forming Screws • Bolts • Socket Head Products • Nuts • Studs and Threaded Rod • Washers and Pressed Parts • Blind Fasteners (Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Cage Nuts) • Locking Devices and Seals • Pins and Keys • Springs • Clamps and Rings • Circlips / Retaining Rings • Hot Forged Fasteners and Parts • Cold Forged Fasteners and Parts • Stainless Steel Fasteners • Non-Ferrous Fasteners (Brass, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper) • Plastic and Nylon Fasteners • Fastener Assemblies and Combinations • Self-Piercing / Clinching Fastener Systems • Collated Industrial Fasteners • Security Industrial Fasteners • Knobs / Handles / Finger Turn Fasteners •U-bolts, Hook or Eye Products • Non-Metric Fasteners • Nails, Staples and Brads • Special / To Drawing Fasteners • Turned / Machined Parts • Adhesives and Tapes • Other Industrial Fasteners and Fixings

Construction Fixings • Concrete Anchors, Mechanical • Chemical Anchors and Resins • Light Duty Anchors and Fixings  • Concrete Screws • Façade and Insulation Fixings • Interior Fixings • Wall Plugs • Drywall Fixings and Systems • Wood / Chipboard / Decking Screws • Window Screws / Frame Anchors • Sanitary and Plumbing Fixings • Nails, Pins and Staples • Structural Steel Fasteners • Self Drilling / Tapping Screws • Security Fasteners for Buildings • Stainless Steel Fixings • Threaded Rods and Suspension Fixings • Roofing and Solar Installation Fixings • Hardware / DIY Prepacks and Assortments • Brackets and Connectors • Other Construction Fasteners and Fixings

Assembly and Installation Systems • Automated Fastener / Assembly Systems • Feeding / Discharging Equipment • Presses and Insertion Tools / Equipment • Riveting Tools, Equipment and Systems • Drivers and Screw Insertion Systems • Welding / Soldering Equipment • Bonding and Adhesive Systems • Assembly Jigs and Rigs • Hand Tools • Clinching / Self-Piercing Systems • Nailing / Stapling Tools and Systems • Collated Fastener Systems • Power Tools • Other Assembly Tools and Equipment

Fastener Manufacturing Technology • Fastener Design and Production Simulation  • Materials, Wire and Semi-Finished Products • Material Preparation and Inspection  • Forging / Heading Machinery  • CNC Machining and Turning Equipment  • Presses and Stamping Machinery • Other Forming Technologies • Thread Forming, Assembly and Secondary Operations • Tooling, Dies and Punches • Heat Treatment • Materials / Product Handling and Transfer • Maintenance and Environmental Control • Process Control and Data Processing • Surface Treatment, Coatings and Sealant Systems • Inspection and Quality Control • Wire Drawers / Uncoilers

Storage, Distribution, Factory Equipment • Weighing / Counting Equipment and Services • Packaging Equipment, Materials and Services • Storage and Materials Handling • Computer Systems and Software • Logistics • Services Other Factory Equipment 

Services  • Application / Solutions Engineering • C-Parts Management • Kan-Ban Systems • Direct Container Supply • Supplier Assessment / Audit • Inspection and Packaging Services • Coating, Sealant, Lubricant Application

• Distributor / Trader / Agent • Construction • Automotive • Aerospace • Electronic and Electrical Goods • General Engineering - light / heavy • HVAC / Air Conditioning / Services • Energy and Power Generation • Metal Products • Furniture Manufacturing • Sanitary Ware and Plumbing • Installation Development/Airport, Hospitality/Medical Hub/Hospital, Mall/Department Store/Hypermarket and Restaurant/Shop

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Reed Tradex strongly believes in the power of exhibitions and its endless possibilities to deliver business opportunities. Therefore, we have been and will always be standing beside you through thick and thin, both throughout our 30 years of history, and into the future where we will achieve success together with pride. 


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“Fastener Fair Thailand”  is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.