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21 - 24 June 2023

ME Spotlight#1

"Fujipoly" specialized in silicone rubber

Fujipoly (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the market leader of Thermal Interface Materials with over three decades of experience and offices worldwide, is proud to offer high quality products which have been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 standards.

The company’s main customers are manufacturers of vehicles, electric vehicles (EV) and electronic equipment who use Fujipoly’s products for EV chargers, EV Batteries, Automotive Cameras, Power Control Units, LED Lighting and many more.

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ME Spotlight#2

“Autolub” a One-Stop Service for Lubrication Systems

Discover a one-stop center for lubrication systems with a variety of products including automatic grease dispensing pump, valves and related accessories with on-site installation service, the Air-operated pump-ACG Series lubricating system that accurately determines the amount of grease distribution, and the "IHI" Lubrication System with highly accurate dispensing amount. Find all of these and more at “Autolub” - the complete center of lubrication systems for maintenance or dispensing onto workpieces.

ME Spotlight#3

Mitutoyo, the leader in measuring tools and equipment to transforms your business

We produce and distribute high-precision measuring tools including micrometers, calipers, indicators, height measuring tools, scale and digital display systems, SPC data management systems, material hardness tests, shape measuring tools, optical measurement equipment, and contact and non-contact 3D measuring instruments for customers searching for information regarding investment in the high-performance and industrial standard measuring equipment.