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21 - 24 June 2023

EEC Joins Forces with Mitsubishi and Partners to Highlight Thai-Japan Collaboration at EEC Connecting Thailand and Japan Collaboration Announcement

Since the establishment of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to promote Thailand’s economic development and competitiveness over 30 years ago, this area has been continuously receiving investment to drive Thailand’s industrial growth. Recently, the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) organized an online press conference EEC connecting Thailand and Japan Collaboration 2021 under the theme "Digital Manufacturing Platform" with partners including Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation and the Thai-Japanese alliance network to announce the preparation for the official Open House of the EEC Automation Park which reflects the manifestation of collaboration among the public, private and educational sectors in the EEC for the digital era.

During the announcement, Secretary-General of EECO Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan discussed the importance of transforming the manufacturing sector through Digital Manufacturing Platform with e-F@ctory from Mitsubishi which led to the formation of the e-F@ctory Alliance and EEC Automation Park, he latter of which is intended as a showroom for the complete production line run by robotics and automation system. Also, this system benefits from the installation of 5G signals that cover the entire EEC area which is the first in ASEAN. The EEC Automation Park is intended to serve as a consulting and training center for human resource development in the field of digital manufacturing.

President of JETRO Bangkok Mr. Atsushi Taketani emphasized that Thailand is still an important market for Japan, and that JETRO is committed to support ongoing collaboration between the two countries through various activities. For example, last year JETRO organized a successful business matching for 50 Thai and Japanese companies, as well as webinar to provide business knowhow to strengthen bilateral relationship.

It can be said that the EEC Automation Park could not come about without the e-F@ctory solution from Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which Managing Director Mr. Wichiene Ngamsukasemsri quoted that will be a system that help raise the productivity of Thailand toward Industry 4.0 as per the national strategy. This is in line with Dr. Apichart Thongyu, Chairman of EEC-HDC who initiated the multilateral partnership to establish the EEC Automation Park, and who also clarifies that the EEC Automation Park has the goal to increase the number of quality personnel with digital literacy up to 120,000 within 3 years.

Another key figure in the development of the EEC Automation Park is Dr. Djitt Laowathana, Special Advisor, Education/Human Capital and Technology Development Office of the Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Commission (EEC). Dr. Djitt concluded that EEC Automation Park will help develop personnel who can efficiently use robotics and automation through training courses developed jointly with the Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA) led by President Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth and under the supervision of EEC Automation Park’s Director Dr. Paiboon Limpitipanit along with participating academic institutions to maximize the potential of Thai industries to the fullest.