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21 - 24 June 2023
Total Smart Solutions is a new service from the Thai-German Institute that will truly correspond to entrepreneurs’ demands. We will provide technologies and specialists from TGI and our partners to deliver the service to the industrial sector.

COVID has Increased Popularity of Automation and Robotics

The statistics for import of machinery and accessories in the manufacturing sector including automotive, electric and electronics, and robotics and automation in the first half of the year increased significantly. This is also due to the pandemic of COVID-19 which contributed to the demand for robotics and automation among manufacturing plants especially those in food processing and pharmaceutical which are very labor-intensive. The labor shortage has also led to more reliability on robotics and automation systems to transform the manufacturing process to be more competitive, as well as to comply with the social distancing policy in the New Normal.

TGI is Committed to Promote Industrial Robotics and Automation

At present, the Thai-German Institute (TGI) is taking the following measures to promote the use of robotics and automation in the manufacturing industry to support the government’s roadmap:

Measure 1: stimulate demand-driven in the manufacturing/services sector to transform the manufacturing process through robotics and automation.

Measure 2: Increase the competitiveness of Thai System Integrators (SIs) by developing more number and quality of SIs to support the future expansion of the robotics and automation industry.

Measure 3: create an eco-system for robotic supply chain that start from industrial demands to designers, suppliers, parts manufacturers, system integrator, as well as maintenance.

Measure 4: the establish the Center of Robotics Excellence (CoRE) as a mechanism to accelerate the development of robotics and automation industries through a network of the country’s leading organizations with TGI acts as an administrative team to carry out the above-mentioned missions. This will include assessing the level of industrial readiness with the Thailand 4.0 Index, transforming production processes, developing personnel skills, creating and upgrading SI standards, and developing platforms to link the country’s supply chain for robotics industry among others.

Strengthen Thailand’s Competitiveness with "Total Smart Solutions" - a New Service from TGI

With the impact of COVID-19 on various factories’ operation and development, entrepreneurs need to turn the crisis into opportunity by transforming both their production process and management style. TGI can provide support on these aspects as part of the Ministry of Industry’s mechanisms to develop Thailand’s manufacturing competitiveness on the global level through robotics and automation, mold & die, machine tools and digital technologies. This can be done through supporting technological innovations and human resource development to move towards Industry 4.0. At the moment, TGI is developing a network of industrial services called Collaborative Solution Platform (CSP) through public and private agencies’ knowledge exchange, training, and mutual support among operators, users, specialists and researchers to empower our industry 4.0 objective.

Since each organization has their own specialty, integrating and optimizing their expertise will contribute to Thailand’s rapid industrial growth. This was the concept behind TGI’s "Total Smart Solutions" to truly correspond to entrepreneurs’ demands. What TGI does is analyzing customers’ problems to find the solutions or development that would totally cover their needs. For example, one problem may need an integrated solution that comes from technologies, management and human resource from TGI and our partners who are committed to service the industrial sector. Right now, TGI has a network of collaboration with the government, academic institutions, professional associations, as well as private sectors who own several technologies.

Trade Exhibitions Provide Platforms for Industrial Network to Achieve International Efficiency

“Manufacturing Expo” is an event that can help promote industrial efficiency through technology showcases and conferences, as well as allowing entrepreneurs to meet and exchange knowledge, and acquire new knowhow about manufacturing innovations to drive Thailand towards Industry 4.0. The event will also help strengthen technological capability and investment, both of which are important factors for Thailand’s economy to move forward with sustainability.